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Facts Everyone Should Know About Auto Towing  Franklin

There are a few aspects which one has to consider while selecting a tow truck company. This article will explain all these aspects and help in the selection process. The first important aspect is whether the is providing emergency services. This is a service which can be needed at any part of the day or night. The company should be quick and prompt in the rendering of the services. A break down can happen anytime and one should ensure that the they are selecting is providing the services during the night. The internet will help in finding a list of companies which are providing the tow services. The online yellow pages are also one of the good sources for this information. This can be short listed on the basis of the various features that the company is providing or not.

Does the provide repair services as well? Many of the tow truck companies also provide the repair services. This can be checked and the person can hire the repair services from the same company. This will be an economical step as taking up both the services from the same company will cost less overall. Also, the customer has the option of hiring the repair services in the location of the break down or taking the vehicle to the garage. This will depend on the service that the car needs. While the damage is huge, the tow truck will take it to the garage by default. Small repairs like a flat tire can be done on the spot.Click here towing service franklin for more details.

What about the insurance policy? This is one of the most important aspects of hiring a tow truck. While the is providing other services like the mechanic and repair, the company should accept insurance policies given by the customers. If the person who wants to hire the services of the has an insurance policy, then the company should accept this. The customer should also ensure that this feature is available with the company before hiring their services as not all the companies provide this. One of the simplest features that one should look for is that of the distance that they will cover in the tow truck. This is a feature which many people do not consider and make mistakes in selecting the service provider agency or company.

Things You Must Know About 24 Hour Towing  Franklin

There are two basic ways to have your towing needs performed. You can opt to have your car towed by the cheaper wheel lift method or you can make the right choice and have your vehicle towed by the deck hauled method. Wheel lift towing is popular as it is the fastest way to pick up a car and go. While it may be quicker, it is not better. Having your car or truck towed by the front end or back end puts a tremendous amount of torque or pressure on the suspension and steering components of the subject vehicle. towing service midland tx

Even with the best of road conditions, which are not likely on icy roads, important factors like the vehicle’s wheel alignment are put under unnecessary stress. This stress can cause parts damage and the bending of critical components. An indication of this is abnormal tire wear after wheel lift towing has been performed, keep an eye out for this issue. The right way to get your towing done is the deck towing method.

When a vehicle is towed by the deck method, it is typically winched onto the tow truck using factory mounting points engineered for that very purpose. The mounting points are usually built into the chassis of the vehicle and no stress is placed on the suspension and steering components. The result is a towing service performed properly and with the least damage to your vehicle. Breaking down in the summer is a lot easier than in the winter but you should still have an emergency survival kit. A flashlight is the most important thing you can have in your kit. If you are broken down in a traffic lane at night it is important to have your four way flashers on and your hood up.

Stand away from your car. As far away on the shoulder as possible in case any speeding, distracted motorist doesn’t see that your car is stranded and plows right into your car. If it is night time use your flashlight to warn on coming traffic. Pretend you are directing airplanes and swing your light from the breakdown lane to the next lane. Drivers may not know exactly what you are doing but they will slow down and be alert. Should you require some towing performed this summer, make the right choice and tow your vehicle the best way. Use the best towing company you can find and you’ll be glad you did with the money you save! To use the towing company with the largest ad in the phone book is not always the wisest thing you can do.


Ultimate Guide To Towing Service Franklin

Some type of emergency road services have been around since the first car was driven off the lot over a hundred years ago. Today, consumers have almost too many choices when it comes to figuring out how to handle emergencies while they are traveling.

Many auto manufacturers now offer free road side assistance with the purchase of your new car. This may sound a bit redundant to many car owners since if the car breaks down under warranty, the dealership usually needs to come and tow it back for repairs. However, breaking down completely is usually the least of your problems and the lowest occurrence of on the road complaints when calling for help.

Most emergency road services cover all types of problems from running out of gas to fixing a flat tire. There are many optional services available when you choose your plan and your service provider and of course the more options you choose, the pricier your plan. Some of the options are almost mandatory if you want to get your money’s worth out of the annual membership, however. Options such as free battery charges, and free fluid top offs when they service your car for other reasons are certainly worth the few extra dollars you would pay.

Another option that is worth the money and should be seriously considered is being able to have a two truck take your car to a destination of your choice (usually within 50 miles). Without this, should something happen to your car while you are traveling, you don’t need to be forced into having your car taken to a garage you aren’t familiar with.

Also make sure that you are what’s covered – not just the car! This might sound strange, but your real goal is to make sure you are safe on the road and can get help when you need it. In other words, if you need to borrow your mother’s car and it breaks down, make sure the service provider will still come out to help you. And, if your mother needs to borrow your car, she will be able to call for assistance as well. It works both ways.

As you research different plans, make sure you understand exactly what you are getting for the money you are paying. Are you limited as to the number of visits or service calls? Some plans don’t make it very obvious but if you read the small print you’ll see that you only have three or four chances to make service calls. Also find out if your car can be serviced at your house. Not all problems happen while you’re driving, but some plans just don’t cover home visits no matter what.

Pricing varies greatly. Don’t make your decision simply based on the cost though. Decide what you need and go from there. Do plan on spending about $120 a year for decent coverage. And don’t make the mistake of assuming a new car won’t have any problems. Even brand new tires can blow and transmissions can malfunction.