Things You Must Know About 24 Hour Towing  Franklin

There are two basic ways to have your towing needs performed. You can opt to have your car towed by the cheaper wheel lift method or you can make the right choice and have your vehicle towed by the deck hauled method. Wheel lift towing is popular as it is the fastest way to pick up a car and go. While it may be quicker, it is not better. Having your car or truck towed by the front end or back end puts a tremendous amount of torque or pressure on the suspension and steering components of the subject vehicle. towing service midland tx

Even with the best of road conditions, which are not likely on icy roads, important factors like the vehicle’s wheel alignment are put under unnecessary stress. This stress can cause parts damage and the bending of critical components. An indication of this is abnormal tire wear after wheel lift towing has been performed, keep an eye out for this issue. The right way to get your towing done is the deck towing method.

When a vehicle is towed by the deck method, it is typically winched onto the tow truck using factory mounting points engineered for that very purpose. The mounting points are usually built into the chassis of the vehicle and no stress is placed on the suspension and steering components. The result is a towing service performed properly and with the least damage to your vehicle. Breaking down in the summer is a lot easier than in the winter but you should still have an emergency survival kit. A flashlight is the most important thing you can have in your kit. If you are broken down in a traffic lane at night it is important to have your four way flashers on and your hood up.

Stand away from your car. As far away on the shoulder as possible in case any speeding, distracted motorist doesn’t see that your car is stranded and plows right into your car. If it is night time use your flashlight to warn on coming traffic. Pretend you are directing airplanes and swing your light from the breakdown lane to the next lane. Drivers may not know exactly what you are doing but they will slow down and be alert. Should you require some towing performed this summer, make the right choice and tow your vehicle the best way. Use the best towing company you can find and you’ll be glad you did with the money you save! To use the towing company with the largest ad in the phone book is not always the wisest thing you can do.